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So I am in a bad place. Things with my mother are not going well at all. I’ve been living with my parents since around September or August and things have gotten bad. Especially with my mother. I don’t know what else to do or say, but I’m asking to please consider donating to my GoFundMe. I’m sharing the most recent update to below.

The link to my GoFundMe is here:

Okay, so a day or two after I launched this campaign I talked with my parents and I’d hoped things would get better. They have with my father and I think he really is trying. My mother however is another story.

After a long debacle of issues with my car that I thought had finally been resolved, it’s become apparent there is still something wrong with the car. So my first priority is getting my debt accrued while repairing my car paid off. I am not changing the amount I’m attempting to raise, but my first priority has shifted from moving out to getting a new and more reliable set of wheels. I know I will eventually manage this, but your help will expedite the process and allow for the next step which is more important.

The next step is the ultimate goal of this campaign. I just need a new ride first. Any and all donations are very appreciated. The emotional toll of the arguments with my mother are getting to much to bear and I really need to get out of my parents house for my mental well-being if nothing else.

I will be starting a new job soon and am hoping that will allow me to better save and get deposit money for a new place. I know times are tough and I don’t even like asking for money, but I really need out of here.

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